You are so beautiful.  Thank you for being here.

I’m Kimberly Leslie, the hair stylist, healing facilitator and artist behind The Grove Health & Beauty.  I offer organic hair care, curly hair styling and healing rituals that assist people to experience the beauty of their unique selves.

In my hair styling work, I adore creating artful hair for brides, curly-haired folks and lovers of organic and natural products. I am inspired by the lines, balance and movement in nature and I work to emulate that feeling in my creative work.  

As a hair stylist, I see the potential in each client, shaping, colouring, adorning and releasing what is needed in order to reveal their most beautiful self.

Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed thousands of client stories about self-image.  I have come to know that in order to truly experience oneself as beautiful, one must feel beautiful within.  

The Grove Health & Beauty is a haven for beauty creation, personal transformation and tending to your soul.  You will find here ways to align your external appearance with your true essence. You will discover a tranquil space where you can come to know, feel and see your own unique beauty.

Energy Healing sessions provide space for this inner transformation.  This process is a gentle effective way to align with the light of your true self and come to know greater peace and love for the unique beauty that is you.

Curly Hair Styling

Celebrate your curls!  Curly hair is unique and needs to be cut differently than other hair types.

Get the right cut and styling tips and product suggestions from an experienced curly hair stylist.

Mobile Wedding Hair

Luxury on location bridal services are available for your wedding day.

Now accepting bookings for fall 2018 & 2019 in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and the Greater Vancouver area.

Organic Hair Colour & Hair Styling

 Pure plant pigments offering  100% permanent grey coverage. 

Exceptional haircuts by a master hair stylist.

Botanical Wedding.jpg
Photo by Brooke Shaden

Photo by Brooke Shaden

Energy Healing Sessions

Open your heart and experience your true beauty.

See yourself with new eyes.

Relax, experience peace, and know self-love with The Grove’s Energy Healing Services.

Beauty Belief Balancing

Rewrite your inner story about your appearance.

Clear subconscious beliefs that keep you believing that you are anything other than magnificent.

Align with love based beauty beliefs that support you in feeling, knowing and appreciating the beauty that you are.

Intentional Hair Rituals

Invite a greater state of inner wholeness to your next hair service.

Set an intention for what you wish your new look to say about you.

Allow the outer transformation ritual to intentionally create a new outlook.

Top Photo I  Photographer: Jesse Holland  Dress: Tres Chic Bridal Boutique | Dress designer: Lis Simon | Suit: Outlooks for Men | Hair:  The Grove Health & Beauty | MUA: Erin Bradley |