Healing & Hair Rituals

I’ve been told I am a unique hair stylist; I think of myself as more of a soul stylist.  In my work, that shows up as being a space holder for you while I work with you. I comb your hair with love, I invite peace and grounding while I work with you.  As an energy healer, I have come to see that your time in my chair is a sacred space that is time just for you. Should you wish to take your experience with me to a more aligned, clear and peaceful space, perhaps consider a healing session or intentional hair ritual to add to your next hair styling service.

Intentional Hair Rituals

Do you feel ready to make a shift in your life somehow?  This process allows invites you to set an intention and be witnessed in that intention.  In bringing this ritual to your next hair service, you invite a shift in your energy body, mind and emotions.  You call forward a clearing of the old and stepping into your intent.

add to any hair service (20 minutes) $30

Energy Healing

Release stress, open to life force, feel balanced, clear, and restored.

Energy healing invites life force into your body, mind and spirit. It is a deeply relaxing, hands-off healing treatment that can recenter you and allow a deep state of peace to emerge.

15 minute energy healing $25

30 minute energy healing $50

1 hour energy healing $100


Haircut                                    62

Haircut  Extra Long / Thick      80

Blowout                                   50

Styling Lesson           62

Dry Ends Dust off (please come

in with dry, clean hair )             40        


Organic Hair Colouring

Retouch                                 85

Shoulder Length                     110

Mid Back                                150

Foils / Balayage from              85

I offer two fabulous organic colour lines, one that is completely plant-based and another that is partially plant-based.  You can find out more about the differences between these lines here.

If you are a first-time colour client a free consultation is needed before making your first appointment.

Please note that both of my colour lines offer deposit only colour onto your hair.

I also have a mineral based lightening product for highlights.

100% permanent grey coverage.

Heals, strengthens and restores damaged hair and irritated scalps.

Please email me to book your colour appointment, online booking is not available for colour services.


Salon Sustainability Practices

Kimberly uses all natural products that are safe to add to our water system.   Towels are washed with plant based detergents in a full load in tepid water.  All packaging is recycled wherever possible. She only uses aerosol hairspray occasionally when the style absolutely warrants it.  USDA Organic and non GMO products are used as much as possible.  All unused plant colour is composted.

Top Photo by Jesse Holland  II  Makeup by Artistry by Alexa