Inner Beauty Magic



You are gorgeous.

Every square inch of you.


No "buts" or "if only i was's"

Take it in like a healing salve.

Into your whole being.

Breathe it in.

Thats right.

Nice work.

I know, I know, hearing that crappy voice again right?

Give it some space.

Let it rip for a sec.

Let it feeeeeel all the juice that its got.

Squeeze it like a lemon.

Now a bit more time with it.

Just breathin' and feelin'.


Okay, ready for it again?


Yaaa. Fill up the old yuck space with that goodness.

Breathe it down to your toes.

Are you feeling a yummy full heart thing going on?

You are doing it.

You are carving out space for goodness to live in there.

One day,

One breath,

One willingness at a time.

You are saying yes to being kind to you.

To seeing yourself as beautiful,

By gazing through the lens of love.