Curly Hair Styling 101


After years of helping people understand how to care for and style their curly hair I’ve finally created a written step by step method to use at home. Here it is!

Kimberly’s Curly Hair Styling Method:


Super wet hair 

Make sure your hair is very wet, not dripping wet but almost.  Be sure to soak your hair completely before getting out of the shower.  Put your product into your hair at this level of wetness.  Don’t towel it or allow it to dry off at all. 



Products should be a combination of a hold product and curly serum.  Some formulas are an all in one but often you will need to combine couple to get the result you like.  Play with different ratios of product to find the formula that works best in your hair.



Comb hair through with a widetooth comb or brush.  Take 1” squared sections of hair, comb through and twist into a “lock” that is resembles a curly noodle.  Any little strands left out of these noodle locks will be frizz, so wrap them into a near by lock.  Twist up to whole head like this.



Take a dry towel and gently, in a scrunch motion from ends to root, squeeze the extra moisture from the hair while scrunching it up toward the head.  Do not do a repeating scrunching motion.  One or two gently scrunch sqeezes per section, all over the head.



Air dry it by leaving it alone completely until it is totally dry or diffuse dry.  If diffusing, flip your head upside down and gather the curls in the diffuser cup.  Hold the diffuser close to the head and allow the air to dry the curls in the cup without touching it too much.  You can use your other hand to gently lift the roots but do not scrunch the hair as this cause frizz.  Continue this until it is 90-100% dry.



If any of the curls look too chunky, gently separate them in half.

Use a pomade to gently twist around lock ends to seal down any flaways or frizz.  Rub the pomade in your hands so it covers you palms and gently wipe it over any “frizz halo” you see at the top of your head, from root to tip.  Be sure to only use a very light amount of pomade for this.


Lift roots

Place your hands into the hair, fingertips at the scalp and gently rub your scalp without running your hands through the hair.  Pull your hands down and out along the scalp to preserve end definition.


Enjoy your amazing hair!