Inner Beauty Magic



You are gorgeous.

Every square inch of you.


No "buts" or "if only i was's"

Take it in like a healing salve.

Into your whole being.

Breathe it in.

Thats right.

Nice work.

I know, I know, hearing that crappy voice again right?

Give it some space.

Let it rip for a sec.

Let it feeeeeel all the juice that its got.

Squeeze it like a lemon.

Now a bit more time with it.

Just breathin' and feelin'.


Okay, ready for it again?


Yaaa. Fill up the old yuck space with that goodness.

Breathe it down to your toes.

Are you feeling a yummy full heart thing going on?

You are doing it.

You are carving out space for goodness to live in there.

One day,

One breath,

One willingness at a time.

You are saying yes to being kind to you.

To seeing yourself as beautiful,

By gazing through the lens of love.

Clean Hair Colour

I have many loves in life.  The love of beauty, the love of colour and the love of nature are most certainly some of the most inspiring to me.  Each of these life elements feel like a vital part of my spirit and experiencing them is something that keeps my soul shining.  As we all know, beauty is a symbiotic relationship between the internal and external, each side informing the other as really, they are one. 

In knowing this, it feels essential to me that my beauty offerings are not only visually beautiful but also health giving and safe for myself, my clients and the earth.  For this reason, I choose to work with the cleanest, most natural products to colour and style your hair.

I have two colour lines I work with that I wanted to share a bit about today…


This is a truly plant based, organic hair colour that works.

Henna Sooq plant based hair colouring products are truly 100% pure plant pigments that I custom blend to create an array of stunning tones for your hair.

Here are a few tid bits about it:

It creates amazing brown or copper tones in your hair.

It covers grey and is best for people who have under 40% grey hair.

It is a completely permanent colour;  the brown tones fade a bit over time while the coppers are amazingly long lasting.

It is nourishing and healing to the scalp and hair.  

It totally safe to use over an existing colour of any kind and can be safely coloured over with any other colour line.

It is good for your health and for the earth.

It creates beautiful rich warm tones and your hair feels and looks alive with plant energy.

It is grown without pesticides.

All packaging is recycleable and leftover product is compostable!

I absolutely LOVE working with this colour.  It has a rich earthy smell, it feels soothing to be around.  My clients share that is has a wonderful healing feeling on their heads.  The colours are incredible. Plant pigments reflect light in an amazing way, it's as though your hair looks more alive!


A beautiful, health and earth conscious hair colour line.

This color line is a wonderful innovative colour that eliminates the unhealthy chemical ingredients found in conventional hair colour while still offering a wide range of colour choices.  This brand contains both plant based and synthetic chemical ingredients.  As a "canary in the coal mine type", I have found it very gentle to work around and have had no reactions to the chemical found in it.

Here are the ways I find it fabulous:

It offers a full range of gorgeous colours.  

This line adds tone to your exisiting colour allowing it to richer and / or darker in shade.

It has a great and gentle hi-lighting product if you would like to see some lightness in your hair.

It is 100% ammonia free as well as free of the sneaky unscented ammonia, ethanlomine.

I have found it to be extremely gentle on hair and contains hydrating and healing organic Macadamia, Castor and Aloe Vera oils.

It covers grey and white hair up to 100% in all shades.

It’s totally free of PEG, EDTA, Silicone, PPD, PTD, Resorcinol, sulfates, parabens, and Ethanolamine (MEA).

The packaging 100% recyclable and ecological.

This company is certified and active member 1% for the Planet

There is never animal testing, gluten-free, vegan friendly.

I love to condition the hair is in after this service and the colours are lovely.  The grey coverage is very natural and somewhat soft, which gives a very natural grow out without the hard regrowth line.  I am so happy to have found a clean colour line that offers large range of shades that is health and safe to work with!

In Salon Organic Henna Treaments


In the hair world, stylists are trained to stay away from henna as it can react with conventional salon colour. This is true with unpure henna that is mixed with metalic salts. These products are often found in natural health store or drug stores and are unhealthy for the body and hair. Pure henna is actually a healing plant that is used medicinally in some holistic health models to heal skin and scalp issues. It’s is strengthening and restorative to hair and offers a stunning red auburn colour. Aeryna’s hair felt full, shiny, healthy and had a gorgeous multidimensional colour after the treatment. I 💗 henna

Best Organic Curly Hair Products

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Curly hair is product friendly hair.

If you like your curls well defined and as frizz free as possible, working with the right product is essential!

As an advocate for organic hair and beauty care I only use what is good for my body and the earth in my styling work. I tend to cocktail my products together so be ready to play with a few different potions! Here are my current favorites for both fine and coarse curly hair.

Products for fine curly hair

  • John Masters Green Tea and Calendula Leave in Conditioner

  • John Masters Rose and Apricot Hair Milk

  • Organic Matter’s Shelter

  • John Masters Hair Spray

  • John Masters Styling Clay

  • John Masters Sea Mist

  • John Masters Shine On

Below is my product application for an above the shoulders head of curl that is fine in texture and medium in density. If you have thinner or shorter hair, add less of what I recommend here. If you have thicker and longer hair add more. I recommend adding these products in the order I share them in.

If your fine curls are dry on the ends you can minimize breakage when brushing ( always brush when wet only ) by misting in a few sprays of John Masters Green Tea and Calendula Leave in Conditioner.

I also like to add a dab of John Masters Rose and Apricot Hair Milk to the very ends to hydrate, add shine and reduce frizz on longer curls with dry ends.

Next add 6 - 10 mists of John Masters Hair Spray as your hold product through roots, lengths and ends.

Pour out a generous amount of Organic Matter’s Shelter, two twoonie sized dollops and apply all over the roots, lengths and ends.

Once dry ( follow curly hair styling 101 posts directions) use a 1/3 a pea sized amount of John Masters Styling Clay or John Masters Shine On to polish the ends and calm down the flyaway halo. Be sure to rub it between your palms to create a thin coating for applying.

If your roots need more lift after drying, spray a little bit of John Masters Sea Mist to the roots only and gently diffuse dry to add more volume.

Best organic products for coarse curly hair.

  • John Masters Rose and Apricot Hair Milk

  • Intelligent Nutrients Curly Hair Serum

  • Intelligent Nutrients Gel

  • John Masters Pomade

Adding product to coarse curly hair

This product application is for an above the shoulders head of coarse, thick curly or wavy hair. Add more or less if you have more or less hair!

Add 1” of John Masters Rose and Apricot Hair Milk to your wet ends and anywhere your hair really coarse ( some people have coarse patches in their hair )

Next rub large pea size amount ( up two peas if you need more frizz control ) of Intelligent Nutrients Curly Hair Serum into your hands and apply it through the roots, lengths and ends. This product can get heavy if you use too much so start slow.

Use 1 - 2 pumps of the Intelligent Nutrients Styling Gel, rub between hands and distribute throughout your hair.

Once dry ( follow curly hair styling 101 posts directions) use a 1/3 of a pea sized amount of John Masters Pomade. Rub it between palms and twist it into the ends of your curl locks.

Gently wipe it over the top of your head and down the lengths to calm frizz.

Enjoy your fabulous curls!

Curly Hair Styling 101


After years of helping people understand how to care for and style their curly hair I’ve finally created a written step by step method to use at home. Here it is!

Kimberly’s Curly Hair Styling Method:


Super wet hair 

Make sure your hair is very wet, not dripping wet but almost.  Be sure to soak your hair completely before getting out of the shower.  Put your product into your hair at this level of wetness.  Don’t towel it or allow it to dry off at all. 



Products should be a combination of a hold product and curly serum.  Some formulas are an all in one but often you will need to combine couple to get the result you like.  Play with different ratios of product to find the formula that works best in your hair.



Comb hair through with a widetooth comb or brush.  Take 1” squared sections of hair, comb through and twist into a “lock” that is resembles a curly noodle.  Any little strands left out of these noodle locks will be frizz, so wrap them into a near by lock.  Twist up to whole head like this.



Take a dry towel and gently, in a scrunch motion from ends to root, squeeze the extra moisture from the hair while scrunching it up toward the head.  Do not do a repeating scrunching motion.  One or two gently scrunch sqeezes per section, all over the head.



Air dry it by leaving it alone completely until it is totally dry or diffuse dry.  If diffusing, flip your head upside down and gather the curls in the diffuser cup.  Hold the diffuser close to the head and allow the air to dry the curls in the cup without touching it too much.  You can use your other hand to gently lift the roots but do not scrunch the hair as this cause frizz.  Continue this until it is 90-100% dry.



If any of the curls look too chunky, gently separate them in half.

Use a pomade to gently twist around lock ends to seal down any flaways or frizz.  Rub the pomade in your hands so it covers you palms and gently wipe it over any “frizz halo” you see at the top of your head, from root to tip.  Be sure to only use a very light amount of pomade for this.


Lift roots

Place your hands into the hair, fingertips at the scalp and gently rub your scalp without running your hands through the hair.  Pull your hands down and out along the scalp to preserve end definition.


Enjoy your amazing hair!