Hairstylist, Energy Healer & Organic Product Advocate in Victoria BC


The Grove Health & Beauty began 8 years ago, although I've been a hair stylist for 20, when I bought a wee two-chair hair salon in Dragon Alley in Victoria BC.  I had the vision to create a truly holistic beauty space where heartfelt connection, artful hair crafting and wellness services could happen using as natural products as possible. I began experimenting with Henna, Indigo, Cassia and other plant ingredients to find a colour alternative.  I scoured the internet for truly organic hair care. I slowly let go of the unhealthy synthetic products as the demand for plant-based hair care products grew. I integrated energy healing sessions as a way to bring about a feeling of beauty from within.

Once I became pregnant just a year after purchasing the hair salon (sooner than I had planned!), I let go of all synthetic chemicals and focused on using pure plant ingredients. Just before my baby's birth, I chose to let go of my wee salon so she could be my focus for a while.

I kept the salon going from home for a few years, then took a year off to nurture my creative side through art and homemaking.  The call to return to hair styling was strong and I reopened my salon once more, finding the perfect private studio in Fernwood, Victoria BC to practice from.


A Healing Hair artist

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a hairstylist.  I dabbled in hair styling and makeup through high school and once I stepped into hair school at 19 years old, I knew I was in the right place.   I spent the next 9 years working in two of Vancouver’s top hair salons, honing my skills and gaining further education in my craft.

During those years I also delved into certifications in energy healing, meditation and personal healing while working as a hair stylist.  This learning deepened my connection with my clients and taught me how to communicate with them from my heart. It brought home the importance of meeting them where they are and assisting them to create beauty that is aligned with who they really are.

This education was also an incredibly transformative time for me as well.   The work I was studying asked for me to drop the facade of being a “stylist” and step into being the healer and artist that I am, as well as a space holder for others.

It is a deep passion of mine to offer services that bring you home to yourself inside as well as out.  Offering the experience of feeling beautiful in all ways is my mission.


A Commitment to organic hair care  

As I studied holistic health, I came to understand that what we use on our bodies goes into our bodies.  I also came to realize that much of what is being produced and used out there in the beauty world is full of toxic chemicals.  I became focused on finding clean, professional products that are healthy for our bodies and good to the earth. I am an advocate for sustainable living and everything I use in my hair work is safe for your body and good for the earth.


I love to learn and push creative limits.

As an artist, I need to be creating.  I love bridal styling as it allows me to create intricate beauty that steps outside our everyday way of looking at ourselves.  I continuously take courses from hair artists who inspire me and I often can be found geeking out on my hair mannequin at home trying out a new idea.  To keep the abstract creative juices going, I am a painter in my spare time.

I truly appreciate my amazing clients.

I sometimes need to pinch myself.  I am in awe that I get to create beauty on a daily basis and feel loved and appreciated by my clients while doing it!  

Whether I am transforming someone's curls, educating on holistic beauty care, or working with a bridal party, I am in love with my job.



It really is an honour to be asked to attend to someone’s hair on their wedding day.  The hours before your wedding is a special time of ceremonial preparation. We don’t really call it that, but really, that’s what it is.  It’s a window, a precipice, that is sacred and special. It’s a really amazing space to be invited into. A place where I get to step in and begin the process of getting you ready to look your love in the eye and say “yes!” to a life with them.  I can’t think of a more amazing place to be, taking care of you as you prepare to take that step. So beautiful.



Top photo by Veronique De Silva